Buying a Business

As an Individual Buyer,
What Does EMPIRE Business Solutions
Offer You?

At Empire Business Solutions, we get multiple requests every day from VC companies, PE companies, and companies looking to expand through acquisition.  What we have learned is that everyone uses a similar strategy of reaching out to business brokerage and M&A firms to see if they have any companies they represent for sale that meet their criteria.  However, any companies for sale would be listed on the major marketing sites to which everyone already has access.  To help make the acquisition search more likely to succeed, Empire has developed a unique program to find companies that meet the criteria you are looking for that are not yet on the market.  Our program includes but is not limited to:

  • Identification of prospective strategic acquisitions
  • Create marketing tools and campaigns to reach out to prospective target companies
  • Analysis and evaluation of prospective candidates
  • Approach and follow-up with prospective targets
  • Screening of acquisition targets and collection of additional confidential information you will need to analyze the target
  • Coordinate with your legal representation the preparation of legal documentation and terms of the transaction

For more details and additional information on how Empire can tailor an acquisition program for you please click here to contact us today.